The extensively fast growing development of technology applies especially in medicine and in the aggressive treatment using interventions in cardiology. This may lead to an utopian race for the unlimited usage of powerful tools which may be opposed by ethics that has the ability to channel these strong trends. The role of the cardiologist is to help patients act on their lives using repeated information on the proposed therapeutic choice. It is crucial not to make a thing from a human, vulnerable person where research procedures and manipulations may lead to physical and moral degradation. Caution should be taken not to alter the field of privacy and intimacy which may harm the patient and lead to physical and moral degradation. Maintaining quality of life should be a priority along with preserving a subjective well-being. The latter is promoted through a personal lifestyle based on traditions, existential coherence and integration within the community. Truth, authenticity, respect and dignity must be delivered to patients to avoid utilizing them as an instrument.